Web Based Pomodoro Timer

    I am a big fan of the Pomodoro technique in case you didn’t know. I found a web based Pomodoro timer that has everything you need to keep your self on track and get stuff done. Hope you […]

Search Hacker News Easily

      You can now search Hacker News by topic, popularity, date, comments and more. The url of the site is https://hn.algolia.com/ It used to be a headache for  me to sort through the content on HackerNews but with this […]

Black Hat Python book on Sale for only $20

Python Hacking

  Black Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters 1st Edition     Amazon & Packt Publishing are having a sale on the hard cover book Black Hat Python for only $20.49   You have to grab it quickly because it’s […]

Dealing with Lazy Dirty Co-Workers

Dirty Co-Worker

    Dealing with a Messy  /  Lazy co-worker   Let me start off by saying I’m not bashing anybody’s body weight in this article. We have a lot of people in our field who are not the ideal body […]

Streaming Radio on Linux with GRadio

Linux Streaming Radio

Streaming Radio with Gradio How To Stream Music on Linux? Well here’s a cool little App I came across fro Linux called GRadio. I think it’s a hell of a lot more convenient that going to shoutcast Radio or some other […]

Visual Studio Code Shortcuts Wallpaper

  I made a Visual Studio Code Shortcut pdf from Microsofts Official Site into a wallpaper for VS Code users who need help remembering the shortcuts for different commands. Hope this helps some people out there and the size of the […]

Fix Chromecast not working in Chromium

  Some of you might have noticed that Chromecast support seems broken in Chromium lately. Don’t believe the hype you hear online that Chromium has dropped support for the Chromecast Extension we we’ll fix that.   I’m going to show […]