Dealing with Lazy Dirty Co-Workers

Dirty Co-Worker



Dealing with a Messy  /  Lazy co-worker


Let me start off by saying I’m not bashing anybody’s body weight in this article. We have a lot of people in our field who are not the ideal body weight they want for them selves for many reasons. But I’ll jump into that in a later article with some tips to help you become more physically fit and healthier over all while still spending a majority of your time on the computer coding…etc.


I recently had a job which had me sitting pretty close to a lazy slob “Way too close for comfort”. This was no ordinary slob it was one of those who never cleans their desk or throws out the trash, has cables running over his laptop onto his Subway cup and over his 12″ dripping tomato sauce Meatball sandwich among other things we won’t get into here. There was a sense of jealousy due to the fact that he physically didn’t take care of him self, automobile or his surroundings which was apparent from the get go. Let’s just say the boss asked one day if we wanted to all go to lunch together in his car? He stood there like a deer in the headlights and that’s where I jumped in and said I don’t mind taking mine. Knowing he wanted nothing to do with the boss seeing his last 4 trips to McDonald’s scattered around his smelly car. 


This is one of those guys who only cares about how much green paper is in his wallet and in his mind the size of his wallet is the only thing he needs to maintain. His car had chicken nuggets from McDonald’s in the baby seat for over a month just to give you an idea of what kind of human were working with here.


Let me explain something to those of you who have never been in a situation like this. When you have a person on your team who never goes that extra mile and just looks like they rolled out of bed and into work, then you have someone such as my self who is always groomed, works out so he is presentable to clients,and always has his work area 100% clean and organized. All these things show you care about yourself and your appearance. You run into an unspoken conflict with that person which turns into resentment and hate by the slob.



Dealing with Dirty Co-Workers


You start to notice that every time someone says something positive towards you they get a little bit irritated and during meetings when you speak up for the team they give you a look like ” Hey dude it’s my time to shine since I have nothing else going for me” This can get old real quick! As time goes on you’ll get to know that they might not be the person who you thought they were and that’s when you start to CYA and keep to your self. 

My experience with this DBag has shown me that in this world you have to realize there are people who don’t give a shit about anything but their money period. As the saying goes you can’t change people the same goes for your self. Keep doing you and just learn to deal with messy people because this won’t be the first or last time you work next to or have to share the same space with someone who as a child never learned to clean up behind them self or the importance of personal hygiene.




Long story short I’ll give you a few tips on sharing an office with a human garbage bag. 

Watch your ASS! These people will do their best to get you fired



         1. Just do your work and don’t talk to them about personal stuff.


 2.  Keep cleaning your desk and let the company know you actually care about your work-space and appearance which they will appreciate.


   3.  Treat them like a baby and tell them to pick up behind their self. It feels like you are baby sitting but it needs to be done to keep your space sanitary.


     4.  Don’t offer to help them clean up or manage their space/cables it’s a waste of time. Within 24 hours or so it will transform back to trash mountain.


  5.  Put a air freshener in the office but do’t say anything because they most likely hate the smell of cleanliness it’s like cryptonite to them


     6.  Use it as motivation to stay fit and organized. There’s Nothing like having Oscar the Grouch next to you all day to motivate you to be an all around better person.



Here’s a good article that explains what co-works think of messy people at their office and why a messy desk is a bad look.

Article Link


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