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  1. admin

    Thanks a lot Michael I appreciate the positive feedback and will continue to make more for people to enjoy as time goes on. I will also make you some for the Iphone as you requested, that’s actually a great idea. thanks again!

  2. Dyme

    These are pretty sweet. I really want to use some of them, but I’m having trouble finding where to change the Wallpaper in BT5 R2…

    • n1tr0g3n_Admin

      If you are on the desktop you should be able to right click and I think it’s change desktop background at the bottom of the menu. You might have to click the “Add” or a plus button to be able to add the wallpapers you donwloaded to the selection which you scroll to find the wallpaper you want. Hope this helps

  3. GuyFawkes

    Just wanted to thank you for all these amazing wallpapers. Your stuff is so good that they are all use anymore. I just keep rotating them. Two thumbs way up :)

  4. sharpthing

    Amazing wallpapers…Good job man. May i have your permission to use some of these wallpapers on social networking maybe? Thanks man.

    • n1tr0g3n_Admin

      Sure you can post them where ever you like and feel free to modify them. About 85% of them I made & I don’t think anyone else would mind or shouldn’t any ways or they should keep them to them selves in the first place and not release them on the web : ) Just my 2 cents

  5. NightDefender

    Wow man!! These are amazing, I have a special folder in pictures now named N1tr0g3n
    Love your site too BTW!!

    Thanks Mate :)

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