New White Hat Security Forums and Training Site..  a new site & Forum where hackers & beginning hackers can talk and exchange ideas and questions with one another. They also have a few nice pieces of software such as WepPy, WaPpy, WePwaP and a few others which are member only items. I happen to be  member and would advise anyone looking to learn about infosec or just keep up to date in the field with the newest training coarses available by  R4V3N747700   who is the Admin of the site. visit them over at  and bec ome a member it’s only about $6 per year and you have the ability to buy the software which doesn’t exceed $10 as of the time of my post..

WapPy is a complete package when it comes to WPA and WPA2 cracking. When It comes to WPA/WPA2 encryption, there is never ever a 100% success rate. The Password strength is up to the user. If the user is intelligent then the password should be considered the same. If a user is not familiar with a computer, or the importance of password security, there is a good chance that the password is weak. WapPy is prepared to crack both weak and strong passwords however, practically speaking, it should not be expected that It will crack every password on the planet.

How WapPy Works:

WapPy’s first option is to obtain a handshake from the targeted network. Before the attempt to crack a WPA/WPA2 encrypted network, this handshake must be captured. A handshake is the process which occurs when a station or computer authenticates and obtains an IP address from the access point. Because WapPy does not know the password of the network, it will de-authorize all the stations or computers connected to that access point. This process will usually force the station or computer to re-authenticate successfully with the access point. In the meantime, WapPy is able to capture this process. Once this process is captured, WapPy now has many attack methods to try and crack the password.

Attack Methods:

WapPy is packed with multiple attack methods. These methods include a standard dictionary/wordlist attack, a rainbow table attack, and a brute force attack method. The standard dictionary/wordlist attack is the most common. This process will go through a list of passwords provided by the wordlist or dictionary at a rate of anywhere from 100-500 passwords per second. The password must be in the dictionary/wordlist for a successful attack. The rainbow table attack will process at a rate anywhere from 10-40 thousand passwords per second! This is extremely fast compared to the standard dictionary/wordlist method. Rainbow tables are generated from one or multiple dictionaries/wordlists. Once again, the password must be contained in the dictionary/wordlist. The last attack method is the brute force method. This method will eventually crack the password however the time involved is probably not practical. Because it is a brute force method, every possible password will be guessed. Unfortunately,  this process may take 10 seconds, 10 minutes, 10 hours, or 10 years. The option is available for those who want to wait 10 years! I am just not that patient!

Other Options:

Other options include a rainbow table generator which you can generate rainbow tables from sources that you choose from! A phone number list generator is also available. This is common for phone numbers which consist of a total of 10 digits including the area code. The operator is asked to provide a 3 digit area code. WapPy will then generate every possible phone number for the area code and save it into a .txt file. This file then can be used for a dictionary/wordlist attack and/or you may use it to generate a rainbow table. There are also other options such as deleting unwanted files or unsuccessful cracks, a file organizer, and a wireless interface reset.

WapPy Demo

WapPy -The WPA Cracker – Version 1.0 Demo

                                                              WepWap V1.0 – WEP/WPA/WPA2 Crack Suite


WepWap is a program which has combined the use of WePpy – The WEP Cracker and WapPy – The WPA Cracker. Additionally, WepWap has a new WEP attack, option number 4. With the option for WEP cracking, WPA/WPA2 cracking, the ability to generate rainbow tables, brute force attacks, and 10 digit phone number lists makes this program a bad-ass suite. WepWap is still currently in a testing phase and has not been officially released yet. This program was written and designed in BackTrack 5R1 Gnome Linux.

Projected Release Date: 12/15/2011

WepWap Price: $9.99


WepWap Course Price (Includes WepWap Program): 19.99

                                                                           WePpy – The WEP Cracker – Version 1.5 Beta 
(Compatible with BackTrack 5/5R1 GNOME/KDE 32BIT Linux)
Once payment is verified by Top-Hat-Sec, you will be emailed by an administrator providing you the download links.

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  1. admin

    Hey R43VN747700 I’m just doing my best to let people know about good quality infosec training sites and forums to help one another learn. You have a great thing going over there at I’ll be taking your CWSP Wireless Coarse over there as soon as I’m done with the SWSE. Glad I can help out in any way possible…

    • admin

      You can get it from and it’s free with your paid membership which is only like $6 a year if I’m not mistaken. R4V3N747700 who has posted above is the creator and the Admin of the site, you will learn a lot in the forums and it will be $6 well spent i assure you. He has other scripts for cracking WPA and one that combines both of them into one script and has several new options like creating rainbow tables…etc They are awesome scripts! :)

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