Free VPN and easy set up on Backtrack 5


Due to the ease of use and great find from ZeroF on this free VPN service i thought I would do a quick how to on setting up the VPN on Backtrack with the command line based version of Openvpn which is installed by default.

First off Open in your browser and check your IP and leave that tab open to compare after the VPN has been set up to determine a successfull connection.

The commands you type such as user name or password or possibly the openVPN file so check the site and make sure they are the correct ones but this is the general idea of how to use it in BT anyways.  Link to check


Download the  OpenVPN certificate port 53 UDP  form


Open terminal and type: 

 openvpn vpnbook-UDP53.ovpn

username:  freeopenvpn

password:  j8hfCiu6w

you’ll see a lot going on in your terminal but give it a few seconds and then open a tab in firefox or what ever browser you are using and type  to make sure your IP Address has changed.

Thats all there is to it and hope you guys find it of use.. I take no credit for the find of VPNbook as this weas ZeroF’s discovery but I just wanted to throw a quick how to for the Backtrack users  :)  Hope this helps some of you out and happy hacking!

ZeroF’s Backbox tutorial

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