Jigsaw Brav0Hax & PureHates new script for enumerating information about a company’s employees

Download Page:  https://github.com/pentestgeek/jigsaw#jigsawrb-


Here’s the video talk on the tool

Advanced Phishing Tactics – Beyond User Awareness Hack3rcon 3




Is a simple ruby script for enumerating information about a company’s employees. It is useful for Social Engineering or Email Phishing Collaborative project between Royce Davis (R3dy) and humble-desser

Contact: [email protected]

Update 10/20/2012

Try the -d option to specify a domain to use to craft emails with


$ ./jigsaw -h Jigsaw 1.2 ( http://www.pentestgeek.com/ - http://hdesser.wordpress.com/ ) Usage: jigsaw [options] example: jigsaw -s Google -i, --id [Jigsaw Company ID] The Jigsaw ID to use to pull records -s, --search [Company Name] Name of organization to search for -r, --report [Output Filename] Name to use for report EXAMPLE: '-r google' will generate 'google.csv' -d, --domain [Domain Name] If you want you can specify the domain name to craft emails with -v, --verbose Enables verbose output 


$ ./jigsaw -s Google Your search returned more then one company Jigsaw ID: 215043 - Google, Inc. 6,627 employees. Jigsaw ID: 224667 - Google Postini Services 149 employees. Jigsaw ID: 439035 - AdMob Google Inc 2 employees. Jigsaw ID: 5032028 - Google Inc 1 employees. 


$ ./jigsaw.rb -i 215043 -r google -d google.com Found 1047 records in the Sales department. Found 666 records in the Marketing department. Found 870 records in the Finance & Administration department. Found 249 records in the Human Resources department. Found 150 records in the Support department. Found 1282 records in the Engineering & Research department. Found 354 records in the Operations department. Found 1171 records in the IT & IS department. Found 300 records in the Other department. Generating the final google.csv report Wrote 6079 records to google.csv 


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