Run Reaver Pro as Root….

Here’s a step by step how to access ‘root’ account in ReaverPRO and even change the passwords for all accounts too.
Thanks to BrotherBear over in the Top-Hat-Sec forums for this tutorial…

Step 1 – Switch to user ‘tech’ and enter ‘reaver’ without quotes as password at login
Step 2 – Type the commands in terminal logged in as user ‘tech’ …

sudo passwd root

Where it says Enter new UNIX password, just type in whatever new password you wish.
Re-enter it again at the prompt.

It should now say “Password updated successfully”
Now type:
sudo passwd -u root

Hit Enter.  Now it says “Password expiry information changed.”

OK, now log out and switch to user root and log in with your new password.  Under root, you can now open up Synaptic Package Manager and all the other cool root stuff.  You can also do this command in the ‘tech’ user terminal to change the password for all the accounts including the default user where the ReaverPRO GUI opens up.
I still don’t know how to do a proper install of ReaverPRO unfortunately.  Here’s hoping another fellow Top Hat member or R4V3N himself can share how to go all the way with this install.  Here are some screenshots.  This is my first “tutorial” type of post, so please forgive the shabbiness.

4 comments on “Run Reaver Pro as Root….”

  1. Akumu

    I am currently working on a few things for installation with backtrack. Hopefully having it done here pretty soon. this is for Reaver Pro not just reaver

  2. Dr HYBRID

    Just go to “tech” account, then, go to “administration”, “user and group”, and with the password “reaver”, change all there about reaver password, to be root….
    PS: Sorry for my bad English.

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