Install Flash player easily on BT 5 R2 by n1tr0g3n.. step by step

Install flash player on Backtrack 5  R2  step by step…

Download the file below and click save to save the tar.gz file like shown in the screen shot

Now type the below inside termianl, make sure you are in the downloads directory first  do an  ls   if needed to make sure.

tar xvfz install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz

The result should look like the screenshot below if it went correctly

Now keep terminal open and type in the command below and press enter

mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins

Last but not least type the command shown below into the same terminal window and press enter

mv -f ~/.mozilla/plugins/

Thats it, Flash Player should now be installed and working. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it helps someone out..