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5920OS_CentOS System Administration Essentials

CentOS System Administration Essentials book

CentOS System Administration Essentials book Grab the book  HERE What You Will Learn Conquer the command line using shortcuts in the shell and within the editor Vim Analyze the booting of CentOS utilizing MBR, GRUB, and Plymouth Gain an understanding of the filesystem structure of hard links, inodes, and data using stat and ls Manage

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WP-Plug Python script released by R4V3N from Top-Hat-Sec

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 usage     Link to Script written by R4V3N –  @tophatsec  HERE Introducing wp-plug! wp-plug is a python script that does two things. It will first crawl the domain for links, it will then crawl those links and search for any plugins . It is meant to be used on wordpress sites. Other tools

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RSS Feed Infosec

n1tr0g3n Huge Infosec RSS Feed list

    I uploaded my Infosec/Linux/Tech/Apple/Android/Podcas/Hackintosh…etc feeds list for everyone. I hope it helps everyone keep updated with everything and find cool stuff every now and then to play with. This has been in the works for over a year and I just spent about 10 hours adding and arranging more feeds, sorry if I

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